Elden Ring: How to Find and Defeat Great Wyrm Theodorix

Elden Ring: How to Find and Defeat Great Wyrm Theodorix

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The Field Boss in Elden Ring is called Great Wyrm Theodorix. One of the rare dragons you’ll come across on Giant’s Mountain is this lizard-like dragon. Magma Wyrm Makar and Great Wyrm Theodorix are comparable in a variety of respects, including look and motion set. Approaching this fight too early can be problematic because it is intended for the late game. The location of the Great Wyrm Theodorix as well as several strategies for taking it down are detailed here. Elden Ring Runes for Sale can be prepared by players in sufficient amounts.

Elden Ring Great Wyrm Theodorix location

The largest and most potent Wyrm dragon adversary in the Elden Ring is called the Great Wyrm Theodorix. Bosses are open world bosses that can be discovered in Consecrated Snowfields in Free Roam.


You must enter the Consecrated Snowfield and obtain both pieces of the Halligtree Medal in order to locate the boss.


Find the frozen river that flows through the region, then follow it to the canyon that is to the east of it. The boss is waiting patiently at the mouth of the canyon while you continue downstream down the river.


How to defeat the Great Wyrm Theodorix Boss in Elden Ring

First, the conventional strategy for taking down Great Wyrm Theodorix was engaging it head-on by enticing it out of its confined cave and assaulting its back. The Behemoth’s tail is both the safest and most susceptible area to face any magma wyrm boss. Theodorix becomes extremely mobile and has the ability to slam its sword from a variety of angles in the second phase, though. Tarnished will have to keep an eye on Wyrm’s next move even while the backend continues to be the major objective.


On the other side, mimicking Theodorix is a more naughty but successful strategy for those seeking a smaller task. On the icy route leading to the monster, the player will first discover a huge crab and an octopus on land. When aroused, these enormous monsters will pursue the player and finally clash with the Great Wyrm. While the RNG will determine how well they perform, using these two enemies together can cut the boss’s HP in half. Another approach to cheese is to use one of the many raised ledges as a launching point for a long-range attack on Theodorix. The body with the wyrmsmith stone in Elden’s Ring above the Frozen Falls is the ideal place to look. Fortunately, the dragon lacks a way to launch a distant counterattack, making Bleak’s victory from above possible.


The Great Wyrm Theodorix in the Elden Ring cannot be found or defeated in any other way; however, players can buy Cheap Elden Ring Runes in-game to aid in the destruction of more bosses.