Destiny 2 Season of the Abyss: Release Date, New Content, and More

Destiny 2 Season of the Abyss: Release Date, New Content, and More

2023-05-22 0 By myweb

The current season of Defiance will be followed by Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep, or Season 21. Season of the Deep will update several systems that were added in the most recent expansion and provide more story content to Lightfall. It will also add a new dungeon. We already know everything about Destiny 2’s Season of the Abyss in advance, even if the next major update’s details haven’t been made public yet. Players can prepare enough Destiny 2 Silver in advance and can explore and enjoy a lot of fresh content in this new season.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep release date

The release of Destiny 2 Season Abyss is set for May 23 at 10AM PDT. It will likely perform its weekly reset as normal at 5 p.m. GMT, 10 a.m. PT, and 1 p.m. ET. Players can anticipate a lengthy maintenance period prior to release, therefore the list below should give you an idea of when the update will be released:


India: 10:30pm (May 23)

China: 1am (May 24)

UK: 6pm (May 23)

Australia: 3am (May 24)

Brazil: 2pm (May 23)


Destiny 2 Abyss Season Details

A brand-new six-player matchmaking event dubbed The Abyss is one of Season of the Abyss’ most significant new features. Players in The Depths must cooperate to investigate a mysterious shipwreck at the planet’s core. Together, players must go through a number of obstacles and puzzles in the campaign, which ends with a tough boss fight. Powerful new loot that will help them in future battles will be given to those who can survive the Abyss.


The Leviathan’s Grip is a brand-new exotic weapon that players can obtain in Season of the Abyss, which is an interesting addition. This potent hand cannon delivers a deadly energy beam that is capable of piercing opposing shields and rendering them open to assault. Players must successfully complete a number of difficult missions that take them throughout the solar system in order to obtain Leviathan’s Grip.


Season of the Abyss brings the new Season Pass, which grants players access to exclusive goodies like armor sets, emotes, and decorations, in addition to new events and exotic weaponry. As the Guardians look into fresh threats to the solar system, players who purchase the Season Pass will also have access to new story material.


PvP players will also be happy to learn that a new Crucible map named Abyssal Rift has been added in Season of the Abyss. Players must engage in battle for control of rich resources on the frozen moon of Saturn where the map is set. Players must be wary of the distinct environmental hazards on the map before engaging in combat.


Finally, Season of the Abyss adds several bug fixes, quality-of-life enhancements, and adjustments to a variety of weaponry and character skills.


Overall, Season of the Abyss for Destiny 2 is an amazing new title that provides gamers with a ton of fresh material. This new season has something for everyone, whether you enjoy PvE content, PvP combat, or both. So be ready, stock up on some Destiny 2 top up, gather your fireteam, and begin exploring the abyss to learn more about the solar system’s mysteries.