How to Get the Elden Ring Beast Repelling Torch

How to Get the Elden Ring Beast Repelling Torch

2023-05-26 0 By myweb

Elden Ring is a highly anticipated game that promises to bring a whole new world to gaming lovers. As players explore this vast new world, they will encounter a variety of creatures and beasts, many of which will be hostile to them. To protect themselves from these hostile beasts, players will need to equip themselves with the correct equipment, and perhaps the most important is the Beast-Killing Torch. If you want to get this torch in game, I suggest you read this guide to know where. Players need to prepare enough Elden Ring Runes for Sale in the game to get the Beast Repelling Torch.

What is the Beast Repelling Torch

The Beast-Killing Torch is the best power-scaling torch in the game, but its real value comes from its ability to knock back beast-type enemies. When the player wields this weapon, most beasts will recoil from its light and keep their distance from the player without attacking. However, this effect won’t work on the strongest beasts in the game, and it’s usually best used to prevent players from being overwhelmed by hordes of fast-attacking annoying enemies in Elden Ring.


How to use a torch to stop a wild animal attack

To use the Beast-Killing Torch, swing it and walk around to knock back any Beast-type enemies in your path; the torch also works while using a Torrent. The Beast-Repellent Torch works on the following Beast-type enemies:









However, this weapon does not affect:


Rune bear





How to Get the Beast Repelling Torch

To obtain the Beast Repelling Torch, head to the Dragonbarrow area, then head west to the Dragonbarrow West Site of Grace. You need to follow the path from there until you reach the isolated merchant hut (in there, you’ll find another place of grace, use it). Once inside the hut, talk to the merchant and buy the Beast Repeller Flashlight from him for 1,200 runes.


If you haven’t spotted the isolated trader shack site Grace, head east from Limgrave until you reach the redder area. Once there, start heading northeast to the Minor Erdtree tree just north of the main road. Then continue east to the Dragonbarrow West Site of Grace; once you reach it, follow the path that leads to the isolated merchant’s hut.


The Beast Repelling Torch is an important item in Elden Ring, as it allows players to safely explore the game’s vast world. Following the steps mentioned above, players can obtain and upgrade their Beast Repelling Torch to protect themselves from hostile beasts in the game. So equip your torch with Cheap Elden Ring Runes, arm yourself, and venture into the new world of Elden Ring.