Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep: Simmumah Ur – Nokru Boss Battle Guide

Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep: Simmumah Ur – Nokru Boss Battle Guide

2023-06-14 0 By myweb

The Ghosts of the Deep DLC for Destiny 2 adds a new boss fight to the game. Simmumah Ur-Nokru, the boss, is a powerful foe, and it will be quite challenging to overcome him. We’ll give advice on how to defeat Simmumah Ur-Nokru in this post, but before we do that, some players might want to buy Destiny 2 Silver. This cash can be used to buy a variety of game things, such as armor and weaponry. While it is possible to advance in the game without purchasing credits, doing so could enhance your overall gameplay experience.

How to beat Simmumah Ur-Nokru in Destiny 2

A rally banner will display as soon as a player enters the arena. Simmumah will be standing over Oryx’s body, a ghost hovering close to his head. Simmumah will first come across the Wraith boss in Destiny 2 to begin destroying them. A Deepsight node is also created by doing this. To continue with the boss encounter, players must engage with the Deepsight node. Throughout the arena, adversaries will spawn, including moths that may cause tremendous damage to unwary players. The user will be shown three locations within the arena when they interact with the Deepsight node.


A black dot that hovers above certain areas and a green ritual circle, which represents the Hive ritual mechanic in the Destiny 2 dungeon, serve as indicators. A Hive Knight named Vorlog is born when a person stands in one of the ritual circles. The boss will enter the ritual circle if you defeat him while you are inside of it. A circle and the hive face icon will show up once you’ve defeated him. Positioning yourself so you can see the Hive facial symbol through the circle is important for players. The Hive runes needed for that ritual circle will become clear as a result.


In each of the three locations that appear after engaging with the Deepsight node, repeat the previous steps. The underwater cave door must then be located by the player. One is on the head, one is at the entrance of the dungeon, and one is on the right side. On the reverse of these, there will be Lucent Hives. Before beating the Lucent Hive, it’s crucial to memorize the symbols for each room.


Take note of the room’s symbols, eliminate the Lucent Hive, return the Vestige Buff to the main area, and activate Deepsight. This will produce a black sphere beneath the previously displayed Hive rune. One of the symbols in the chamber is matched to each Hive rune. Underneath the corresponding Hive Rune, dip the Vestige Buff. You will die and have to retake the Lucent Hive if you Buff the Vestige at the incorrect Hive Rune. For every Hive rune, repeat this process.


The duration of deep vision is brief. To make the black orbs spawn once more, players might need to travel back and reactivate Deepsight.


The boss damage phase will begin when all three are activated. Simmumah’s shield can be damaged by standing in one of the light pools. It is flawless. Both Arbalest and Leviathan’s Breath weapons are highly advised for harming Simmumah. Be ready for ranged damage because Simmumah will teleport from one location in the arena to another. Bosses can also do a large amount of arc damage, hence it’s strongly advised to have an arc resistance mod.


Simmumah Ur-Nokru can be difficult to defeat, but with the right strategy, attention to detail, and vigilance, it is possible to complete the quest. Players can gain access to special content, better gear, and weaponry by paying a Destiny 2 top up, among other advantages.