Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Complete The Magical Moment Quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Complete The Magical Moment Quest

2023-06-16 0 By myweb

One of the most crucial things for players to do in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to finish the Magical Moment quest. To complete this mission, players must work together and adhere to a set of instructions in order to create a beautiful moment for the game’s protagonists. In this article, we’ll give advice on how to finish the Magical Moment quest and discuss the benefits of purchasing Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts.


In order to proceed with the Magical Moment quest, it is important to note that some players might decide to buy a Disney Dreamlight Valley Account. These accounts can provide players a variety of advantages, such as access to special characters and things that are not accessible to other players. Even though it is possible to advance in the game without buying an account, doing so might enhance your overall gaming experience.

How to start exploring Disney Dreamlight Valley’s “Magical Moment

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, “A Magical Moment” is a mission that may be unlocked by getting the Fairy Godmother’s friendship level up to a maximum of 10. It can take some time to get to this level of friendship, but players can hasten it by giving special gifts, cooking for them at Remy’s restaurant, and hanging out with them. The player can go on this quest once they have reached the highest level by speaking with the Fairy Godmother.


Here are the steps to complete the Disney Dreamlight Valley “Magical Moment” quest:


Ask Mother Gothel about the curse.

Prepare the following food for Mama Gothel: Sushi x2, Lobster Roll x1

Bring the sushi and lobster rolls to Mama Gothel.

Bring the mysterious flower to Ursula.


To begin the mission, speak with Ursula. She will discuss the secret power in the valley and how badly she wants to get it with you. She’ll ask you to speak to Sister Gothel to learn more about obtaining this power while trying to persuade you that it’s for the Vale’s benefit.


After speaking with her, Sister Gothel will say that she can assist you. But everything has a cost! Before continuing, she will ask you to prepare some sushi and a lobster roll. The recipe for lobster rolls is as follows:


Lobster Roll: Lobster, Wheat, Lemon, Butter, Garlic


When it comes to sushi, you’re not limited to the usual sushi recipes. You can create a variety of sushi and sushi dishes to fulfill this part of the task. Here are a few simple examples:


Sushi: rice, any fish

Maki: seaweed, rice, any fish

Tamagoyaki: sugar cane, eggs


Make a lobster roll, two sushi courses of your choice, and then deliver each meal to Mama Gosser. She’ll keep her word and present you with a fanciful flower that grows in the Grove of Trust. Bring Ursula the Fallen Flower. Following her thank-you, the Disney Dreamlight Valley magic moment quest comes to a close.


The advantages of purchasing Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts are numerous. It can be more fun to play a game if players have access to special characters and equipment that not all players have. Working together with other players and paying close attention to detail are required to finish the Magical Moments task in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Making this moment even more spectacular can be achieved by following the instructions given above and inviting additional participants to participate. Additionally, buying Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts offers a slew of advantages and enhances the whole gaming experience.