How To Do The Sleeping Dragon Exploit in Elden Ring

How To Do The Sleeping Dragon Exploit in Elden Ring

2023-06-28 0 By myweb

The creator of the critically renowned Dark Souls series, FromSoftware, will soon release the action role-playing game Elden Ring. The game takes place in a sizable open environment filled with difficult adversaries and undiscovered mysteries for players to find. The Sleeping Dragon Exploit, which enables users to earn an infinite amount of experience points and level up characters swiftly, is one of the game’s most crucial features. We’ll look at how to take advantage of The Sleeping Dragon in Elden Ring in this article. Before we go any further, it’s important to note that in order to access the game’s rune system, users must first buy Cheap Elden Ring Runes.

Where to find The Sleeping Dragon

Players must utilize the Marika portal near the Third Church to access The Sleeping Dragon. If Tanned first gathers the Elden Ring Limgrave map shards to open Mistwood on the map, finding will be simpler.


Once inside the church, turn east and enter via the window behind the statue. To teleport to the Temple of the Beast, interact with the portal. then take the following actions:


Go southeast, across the bridge there is Wyvern Gale.

Go southwest, past the giant edd tree, to access the spiritual spring in the area.

Jump up the cliff and walk southwest, illuminating the ruins of Pharos Fort ahead.

The sleeping dragon should be northwest of the campfire.


How to Farm Runes from The Sleeping Dragon

Dragons have a strong immune system and excellent health. Fortunately, it looks to be particularly vulnerable to bleeding, so make sure to equip any bleeding-causing weapons. To begin, call forth the torrent and proceed to Dragon’s Tail. Slashes and cuts the dragon repeatedly until the majority of its health is lost. Stop fighting when the dragon’s health reaches zero, then dash to the Lost Lands of Pharosberg to rest. After slaying the Sleeping Dragon in Elden Ring, players must continue torrenting while taking kills to prevent wasting time walking.


If players can confidently consistently take down the Sleeping Dragon, which offers 50,000 runes, this is a great way for them to earn resources. Players can obtain more runes than usual by using uncommon things like golden feet during the procedure, which can increase the payout further at their discretion. However, those wishing to use “The Sleeping Dragon” in Elden Ring shouldn’t become overconfident because the monster consistently proves to be a formidable adversary.


In conclusion, Elden Ring’s Sleeping Dragon Exploit offers players a rapid way to acquire an infinite amount of experience points and level up their characters. Players must first buy Elden Ring Runes for Sale in order to gain access to the game’s rune system and learn more mysteries. Players can greatly improve their character’s combat effectiveness with this system by customizing their character’s skills and arsenal. So why are you still waiting? To become the ultimate Elden Ring hero, purchase Elden Ring Runes for Sale and learn how to use The Sleeping Dragon Exploit.