How To Get The Extravaganza Home Kit In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

How To Get The Extravaganza Home Kit In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

2023-07-11 0 By myweb

Players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Season 7 can complete their most recent objectives to acquire the Extravaganza Home Kit, equip it, and gain XP. Players of Ultimate Team have something new to discover each season, although occasionally the game is unsure about what to do. For FIFA goals, being instructed to use particular cosmetic items is nothing uncommon, but in this instance, several players had trouble locating the set. If you frequently play FIFA, you are aware that players will probably be able to acquire new uniforms from the store. To obtain the Extravaganza home jersey in FIFA 23, players must have a sufficient amount of FIFA 23 Coins on hand.

How to get the Extravaganza home kit in FIFA 23 UT

Only in the Season 7 Items section of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Store will you find the Extravaganza Home Kit.


Unfortunately, players who want to wear this shirt must make a purchase. The price of the kit is one of the following:


75,000 FUT coins

850 FIFA points


Since the 850 FIFA Points are presently unavailable for individual purchase, you will need to purchase the 1,050 Points Bundle if you don’t have any extra. The player recoils at this:


€9.99 – (EA Play is €8.99)

$9.99 – ($8.99 on EA Play)

£8.99 – (£8.09 on EA Play)


Gorgeous Home Goal

Play Extravaganza: With the Extravaganza Home Kit, play four matches in any FUT game mode.

Win the Extravaganza: Use the Extravaganza Home Kit to win two games in FUT game mode.

Score Extravaganza: Using the Extravaganza Home Kit, score 15 goals in any FUT game style.


You will receive a group bonus of 3,000 XP if you successfully complete all three objectives. You will gain 1,000 XP for each one.


How to Equip and Use the Extravaganza Home Kit

To be honest, these kits are incredibly expensive in comparison to how attractive they are, but it all depends on the buyer. After purchasing kits, you can use them to equip yourself in-game just like any other kit. Go to the Stadium menu, select your team, and then choose your home kit to equip this uniform. The Extravaganza kit allows for the playing of four matches in any game mode once it has been opened. In order to wear this shirt, you must win two out of every four games and score at least 15 goals. You will gain an additional 3,000 XP goal and 3,000 XP for a total of 6,000 XP by completing these stages.


Go to the Targets tab in Ultimate Team after you have your new equipment equipped. While you’re here, you can see a number of objectives listed under Extravaganza Home, and in order to achieve them, you’ll need to use the Extravaganza Home Kit that comes with FIFA 23. These objectives come in helpful if you want to level up rapidly because the most of them include playing games, scoring goals, etc. For a lower cost, players can purchase FUT 23 Coins in Z2U to aid in obtaining the Extravaganza home jersey.