How to Farm Ascension Shards (Shortcuts) in Destiny 2

How to Farm Ascension Shards (Shortcuts) in Destiny 2

2023-07-17 0 By myweb

Ascension Shards are a highly sought-after material required to upgrade and unleash the full potential of premium armor components in the vast Destiny 2 realm. Rising shard farming can be difficult, but with the appropriate technique and method, you can succeed. We’ll show you how to farm Ascension Shards in Destiny 2 using the quickest approach in this article. However, it should be noted that getting some goods that help with farming can necessitate buying Destiny 2 Silver.

Master nightfall

Nightfall is a high-level, challenging event that offers the chance to earn Ascent Shards. By completing Nightfall on maximum difficulty, you’ll increase your chances of obtaining these coveted resources. Focus on coordination, teamwork, and utilize effective character building to ensure your success.


Dealing with raids and dungeons

Participating in raids and dungeons is another opportunity to collect ascent shards. These events offer powerful rewards upon completion and often include Ascend Shards. Find and join a fireteam of experienced players who can guide you through these intricate encounters and increase your chances of earning Ascension Shards.


Participate in Nightmare Master Hunts

Nightmare Master Hunts are challenging encounters that require coordination and skill. Completing these hunts on maximum difficulty is rewarded with Ascension Shards. Assemble a team of skilled Guardians and develop a game strategy to efficiently conquer these encounters and maximize your chances of obtaining Ascending Shards.


Trials of Osiris

Take part in the competitive PvP mode “Trials of Osiris” and earn Ascension Shards. Unbeaten in seven consecutive games, a perfect victory. Doing so will reward you with Ascension Shards and other valuable items. Hone your PvP skills, assemble a skilled team, and throw yourself into the intense Trials of Osiris for the chance to earn Ascension Shards.


Bought from Gunsmith and the Lost Light Monument

If you’ve accumulated a lot of Shimmer, you can use it to trade Enhancement Cores with the Gunsmith. Enhancement Cores can then be exchanged for Ascension Shards. Additionally, gain access to the Lost Light Monument Vendor, which offers a weekly rotating inventory of Ascendant Shards and other valuable resources. Have enough Glimmer and other necessary currency ready to buy Ascension Shards when they become available.


It can be difficult to harvest Ascension Shards in Destiny 2, but you can do so by making good use of Nightfall, Raids, Dungeons, Nightmare Master Hunts, Trials of Osiris, and in-game vendors. It’s crucial to keep in mind that some farming techniques can necessitate the purchase of Destiny 2 top up or other in-game currencies.


To put together a capable fire squad and handle the challenges ahead, use the offered tactics. By establishing Ascension Shards, you can increase the power of your Guardian and bring out the full potential of your armor. Guardians, advance to victory in the huge and dynamic universe of Destiny 2.